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Kml to Layer in Script Gives No Result

Question asked by Tracyyl6te on Nov 11, 2019
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I am trying to build a tool that converts a layer to a kmz at the end. I tested the following code in my IDE and it works fine. But once I add the exact same lines as a script to ArcPro and run it from there it produces nothing. I have tried this on different layers (group/single) and all with the same result so I don't think it's specific to my layer. 


I'm wondering why this happens. Workarounds are fine too as long as I can get the script to run in ArcPro. 

KmzOutput= r"C:\Users\tracy\OneDrive\Documents\Python Scripts\Sample.kmz"
LayerFile= r"E:\\GIS_DoNotSynch\\ArcpyToolFiles\\Scratch\\Sample.lyrx"


Thank you!