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Python scripting for Arc Hydro

Question asked by Nlog10 on Nov 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2019 by Nlog10

I've seen a few threads referencing Python scripting for automating Arc Hydro processes, but I haven't seen much focused on the DEM Reconditioning step. I have seen this presentation (Automating Arc Hydro with Python by Philip Griffith on Prezi ), which is the only script example I've seen that attempts the reconditioning step; however, there's a great deal about Philip's script that I do not understand.


This is what I've tried:




   import arcpy
   import ArcHydroTools


#I did not try to set Target Locations as Philip did in his script. I set those through ApUtilities in the ArcMap window, in the hopes of simplifying my script. I also did not check out the Spatial Analyst license because it is already checked out to me.


   raster_dem = "G:/Python/ScriptTests/ArcHydro/ArcHydroTestScripts.gdb/r36002225PAS"
   geomorph_stream = "G:/Python/ScriptTests/ArcHydro/ArcHydroTestScripts.gdb/geomorph_36002225PAS"
   output = "G:/Python/ScriptTests/ArcHydro/DEM_tiles/out"
   ArcHydroTools.DEMReconditioning(raster_dem, geomorph_stream, "5", "10", "10", output)




When I use this script, it takes far too long to process and the Agree DEM produced is clearly not accurate.


Any suggestions? There are just so few examples online, I'm really struggling here.


Any recommendations for resources would be greatly appreciated.