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User Webhooks in ArcGIS Portal

Question asked by djh78 on Nov 7, 2019

I am trying to build some webhooks using Portal. I have created a couple of basic ones set to send all events to Microsoft flow, this in turn is adding the raw data sent to a row of a spreadsheet. This side is all working fine.


However when I try and set specific trigger events (at the moment I am most interested in when users sign in and out) I hit issues. It will allow we to set the "Update the events you would like to trigger this webhook" to /users, but this does not seem to be triggering when a user sign in or  sign out. If I specify this for one user as it says I can do here:



ie /users/*myusername*/signIn it reports:


Unable to create or update webhook.Invalid URL or event has been specified for this webhook with name or id 'Users Webhook 2'


The same occurs whatever I put in the place of the username, and whether the user is a AD user or a portal user.


Am i misinterpreting what I am supposed to be able to do with these webhooks?