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Make Query Table Error: ERROR 000055: Cannot create a Query Table for this workspace

Question asked by on Nov 5, 2019



I'm trying to make a query table from some tables stored in Oracle using ArcGIS Pro, the Oracle database is not an enterprise geodatabase.  I am able to successfully connect to the database using a connection file created in ArcGIS Pro and I can add individual tables as query layers. However when trying to add a table as a query table I get the following error: ERROR 000055: Cannot create a Query Table for this workspace. The reason I want to use query tables is so I can create joins between several tables. 


I have also tried using to create the query table using arcpy but I get the same results. 


The online documentation only provides a rather vague description of the error and indicates the tool needs input from a  ArcSDE geodatabase, a file geodatabase, a personal geodatabase, or an OLE DB Connection. As near as I can tell there is no support for creating OLE DB connections in ArcGIS Pro.


So the connection is recognized as an SDE connection but Make Query Table doesn't work, but making a query layer, which displays as a table works.


Any thought?