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Snapping Order

Question asked by ltaylor17 on Nov 5, 2019
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I have been using Pro and have a pet peeve that I'm hoping that someone can enlighten me on a workaround.  When editing depending on the legal description I have or the area I'm working in I need to re-order my layers snapping preference.  For example in Case 1: I would like it to snap first to Layer A, then Layer B, and finally Layer C.  Then in Case 2: I would like it to snap first to Layer C, then Layer A, and finally Layer B.  So I have been going into the List By snapping in the Contents pane  and moving the layers to the desired order.  The problem or annoyance that I'm running into is when I do this it also reorders by drawing order  forcing me to correct my drawing order after I get done editing so I can better see my layers.  Once I get my layer into my map I almost never adjust the order because I have default styling I use on my different layers that makes them display with each other the best way in a particular order.


In ArcGIS Desktop you could turn on classic snapping and then use the Snapping Environment Window and reorder your layers to your snapping preference without it effecting your drawing order.


My question to all is there a way in Pro where my Snapping List and Drawing order list is not connected.  So if I adjust one it doesn't automatically adjust the other?