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Web Services causing error in creating Project Template ArcPro

Question asked by treeoESRI4 on Oct 30, 2019

I'm trying to create a project template with a project connected to several web map services. Every attempt to create a template projects ends with: "ERROR: code:500, Error performing query operation, Internal server error".


I am not trying to save this to a network/server. I am attempting to save it to my local drive. I also do not have any toolboxes from other projects included (other GeoNet posts similar to this issue). 


I have narrowed down that certain web map service layers are the cause. Not ALL service layers cause this issue. Only certain ones. I am operating ArcPro 2.4.2. I have in the past created templates with these same service layers without any problem. Is this related to this version perhaps?


Suggestions appreciated. Thank you.