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Field Calc, in Model Builder, using strings

Question asked by Christophersmith on Oct 30, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2019 by Christophersmith

Hello All, and thanks  for any help.


I am trying to take this block of Python and insert it into the Field Calculator.   What it is supposed to do is take a concatenated field (LF_Concat) and from within that field parse out the number of Greens (G), Yellows (Y), and Reds (R) and then apply a If/Than/elif to number of colors.


Right now I am at a loss on how to get it in.  I have this too show for it.  The parser while it shows VB is actually in Python  (I maybe slow, but I ain't that slow)

Progress Thwarted

I suspect that the delineatorList should be changed to the concatenated field (LF_concat)  but I am lost beyond that. 





delineatorList = [" ", ".", ","]

ColorClass =  ['GGGY','GGYY','GYYR']

for letters in ColorClass:
    #print letters, " G = ", letters.count('G')
    #print letters, " Y = ", letters.count('Y')
    #print letters, " R = ", letters.count('R')

    Count_G = letters.count('G')
    Count_Y = letters.count('Y')
    Count_R = letters.count('R')

    if Count_R > 0:
        print "Red"
    elif Count_R == 0 and Count_Y >= Count_G:
        print "Yellow"
    elif Count_R == 0 and Count_Y < Count_G:
        print "Green"