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Change coordinate system of GEOTiff raster

Question asked by HMArnold on Oct 31, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by bharold-esristaff

I have a Geotiff raster from a LIDAR source that came in a USA surveyors state plane coordinate system. 


ArcMap knows the locations, and can display everything correctly with other WGS 1984 entities.


I need to change the coordinate system of the raster to WGS 1984 so I can work with it outside ArcMap, but none of the solutions I've found to convert from the State Plane so far work.


ArcCatalog will change the coordinate system, but not recalculate the extents to WGS 1984, so everything blows up.


In ArcMap, the PROJECT tool won't see the raster as a feature class, and I can't find how to convert or save it as one. 


The Data Management/Projections/Convert Coordinate Notation doesn't see the source TIFF as an input and if I save the TIFF as a layer, gives me a "Not Table View" error.


It seems like this should be simple, but none of the solutions in the forum or google seem to work


Any suggestions appreciated.