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Wrong Domains Showing in Hosted Feature Service

Question asked by mmartinez_cityofarcata on Oct 29, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2019 by mmartinez_cityofarcata

I'm creating a feature service for collector showing infrastructure cleaning schedules.


I took an xlsx with the line and cleaning information and converted it to a feature class in a gdb. I set a domain for the cleaning schedule attribute, replaced all attribute data with the proper cleaning domains and then posted my map as a feature services AGOL. The rest end shows the old cleaning information from the xlsx as the set domain values instead of the domain I created, and this is also what is shown when editing in collector.  Editing in ArcMap shows the proper domain value.


I have tried the feature class to feature class tool, and exporting to a new file to try and get rid of whatever is maintaining this link to the xlsx original field data, but those have not worked.


Any ideas on how to maintain the proper domain values when posting as a service?