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How can I assign permissions and create data on my SDE?

Question asked by brennanwalters1 on Oct 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by dlaw-esristaff

Good morning, I'm currently working with a SQL Database created by a GIS contractor that preceded my time here in my new organization. Like in many local government organizations, me and my partners are trying to migrate decades of file folder-GIS (shapefiles, etc) to this SDE so we can provide access to multiple departments. I'm having 2 issues. which I believe are likely closely related:


1) When trying to provide  permissions to our other department so they can curate their data and begin migrating it to a dataset on SDE, I received an error that I was not a 'sysadmin' or 'superuser'. How would I obtain this status? Is there a chance that the 'superuser' was the original database creator (the contractor no longer employed by the organization??..hopefully not).


2) Currently, the SDE access is operating system authenticated. When I attempt to create a new dataset (i.e. a planning-specific dataset for the Planning Department) it creates a dataset which is not visible to other uses in my organization and is given a prefix with my username (BJWALTERS seen below). It appears this dataset is conditional on my operating system authentication? I'm pretty confused on why this is happening, but my SDE knowledge isn't as deep as I wish it was. Feel free to review the screenshot below and any information/recommended reading on SDE databases/permissions would be greatly appreciated!  Screenshot is attached below. Thanks!