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Problem whit routing in navigator

Question asked by bgomesimg-com-br-esridist Employee on Oct 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by JWhitney-esristaff

Guys Good afternoon,


Recently was lauch a release of navigator for ArcGIS (19.1.1). (Near 17/10/2019)

These release change all ways to get route in Navigator.

Since them I can't navigate.

In these new version I need to be (GPS of my cell phone) in the area of my map (MMPK).

I can't put more than one PIN in my route, and I have error of route creation when i try to get directions... 
My MMPK doesn't run properly and the compatibility of my previous MMPK's was not reconized by the new navigator!!! 

I Have installed a previous version of Navigator (2.0.1) and a previous version of ArcGIS Pro to do it work!


Have some new requirement in the construction of my network dataset?

Guys, I really apreciate if you solve this problem. I have a bunch of clients that will complain about this error!

Thanks a lot