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Error while using ModelBuilder to Tabulate Area of overlapping bufferzones

Question asked by Jmadamski on Oct 16, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2019 by Jmadamski

I'm looking into how much open and close canopy falls within given buffer zones. My buffer zones are a polygon layer created from point sites, but canopy data is a raster with 2 types of data, open or closed canopy. It was pulled from PASDA and has a fairly fine resolution, which is why some other solutions (Converting to polygon) did not work.


This is my first time using ModelBuilder, but I'm attempting to use the tabulate area tool in ModelBuilder by iterating through each row of my buffer zones, tabulating area, and then collecting the new tables. Finally, I use a second model (With the iterating model as a sub-model) to merge these tables together into one output (Added images of models).

However, I'm getting error 001156 (Attached screen shot of error) at the end.


Does anyone have a suggestion to get around this?


It suggests that the string length of columns is limited (This doesn't seem to be the case), or that there is data of one type being written to a column that contains a separate data type. All of the columns from Tabulate area are the same, however.

Unfortunately, I cannot include a screenshot of my tables as they contain locality information for sensitive species. The tables from Tabulate Area have 4 columns (Object ID, Name, Closed Canopy, Open Canopy)


On another forum it was suggested that I use the append tool instead, but this yielded the same error. Someone else suggested it was because there were spaces in my site names, removing the spaces did not fix the error.