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"Multiple" Export Web Map Task to image alternatives

Question asked by gregb_mcpao on Oct 15, 2019

I am including an exported png map image in a PDF report using the Javascript API printing tools export task. First I use Query to get my map, then I generat a Web_Map_as_JSON request, and then extract the PNG from the json result.


The json result returns with a url to the generated image in about 3 seconds, which is too slow for use in an online dynamic PDF report. What I would like to do is export all of my png map images to disk ahead of time so that my dynamic PDF report doesn't have to wait for the export task request to complete. The initial job to save the images would run only one time. My solution was to use a .net HttpWebRequest app that will post the Web_Map_as_JSON request one at a time, and then save the png to disk, but at 3 seconds and over 200k of images to save, the job would take a week. I need a solution to request map images in batches, let's say 100 at a time. Is there a tool in ArcGIS desktop to do this? What technology (.Net, python, etc.) would you use?