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Binding loop detected for property "calculatedValue"

Question asked by jorge.kappa on Oct 11, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

Is this a fatal reason for a survey not to publish?

Succinctly, I read some project numbers from a .csv,

                  start a repeat where users enter new project data and expect to get new numbers,

                  I run a count in a counter field,

                  Then calculate the new project numbers by adding the last project number read outside the repeat plus                   the value in the counter.

It works, but it will not publish.

Please advise, TIA



Update: I saw in the log that there was a problem with the newly added counter field not being present in the feature service, so I deleted the feature service and the updated survey did publish.

Now I'm getting a different kind of problem, and that is when I close the survey everything resets and the only reference I am left with is the project values in the .csv.

Is there a way to read the last record in the feature service to use as a reference?

Or is there a way to read the last record from the Sent section of the survey page in Survey123 for ArcGIS from the survey's XLSForm?