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Update a field based on the concatenation of several fields, one of which is from a related table using the attribute assistant.

Question asked by kristen.turi on Oct 9, 2019
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I am trying to use the attribute assistant to concatenate several fields (civic number, road name, quadrant, etc) to create the resulting value in one field (full municipal address). One of these values is located in a related table.


Our municipality has a two-word standard for our road names, but in an ongoing effort to clarify what those abbreviations mean, we are trying to concatenate the full address with the full spelling of the road type (e.g: RD versus ROAD).


I have tried simply creating a join between the ADDRESS feature class the table, but the attribute assistant ignores the reference to the related table's field and concatenates the other fields properly. 


I believe I read somewhere that all the fields have to be in the same table to concatenate, but wanted to make sure I was not missing out on an Attribute Assistant method I was unaware of.