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Error 000539 when filling NoData values using Raster Calculator FocalStatistics

Question asked by michel.andreas.kroeze on Oct 4, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by giaMSU_1

I have a global ocean pH raster map.The raster has large NoData areas: all land areas and many coastlines have NoData. The land areas should remain as NoData, but the ocean areas (blue) should be filled with pH values.


First I made a seperate map with all the ocean areas that need to be filled (black=1, white=NoData):


Then I tried to apply this method to fill the NoData gaps: 

I wrote the following line in the raster calculator:


Con("%pH_GapsToBeFillled%"==1,  FocalStatistics("%pH_Global%", NbrRectangle(10,10, "CELL"), "MEAN"), "%pH_Global%")


However, I keep getting the following error. Does anyone know where the problem occurs?