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ArcGIS Earth "Add Data" gets ".../FeatureServer/0" instead of ".../FeatureServer"

Question asked by scott_mcgee_fws on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2020 by scott_mcgee_fws

I'm trying to add a feature service that has a couple of feature layers to ArcGIS Earth (version 1.9). Unfortunately, it is adding only the first feature layer in the feature service, instead of all the layers in the service. Here's what I'm doing:


1) Click the Add Data icon.

2) Click ArcGIS Online for the location to search.

3) Specify All in the drop-down box.

4) For the search term, I enter FWS R7 to see our published services.

5) Select the FWS_R7_Realty_USGS_Topo_Maps_feature_layer feature service (see screenshot below)


This feature service includes two feature layers:

1) 1:250,000 scale USGS Topo map boundaries (feature layer ID = 0)

2) 1:63,360 scale USGS topo map boundaries (feature layer ID = 1)


For some reason, the Add Data tool is adding only the first feature layer (ID = 0), and not both of them. When I look at the properties of the added layer, it has this URL:


Notice that it is specifying /0 at the end. This is getting only the first feature layer in the feature service. I don't want this. I want it to get all feature layers in the service. Thus, the URL should be the above, but without the /0 at the end, as shown below:


I can get the results I want by entering the exact URL (without the /0) in the Enter a URL section of the Add Data tool, but I can't expect our users to do that. When specifying the ArcGIS Online option of the Add Data tool, it should add all feature layers of a service, instead of only the feature layer with an ID = 0.


Is this a bug in ArcGIS Earth? Or does anyone know how I can get it to add all feature layers of a service, and not just the one with an ID = 0 (without having to specify the exact URL)?