Debugging add-in in Visual Studio - Add-in is not deployed automatically

Discussion created by jpmen on Mar 14, 2011
Latest reply on May 9, 2011 by mike.robb
In this page:

it says to "Confirm that the add-in is deployed to the well known folder where the Desktop applications will access it. Typically this is already done because add-ins created with the ESRI Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) template are automatically deployed each time they are built."

Well, I have created a Visual Studio Add-in Application for ArcCatalog, and when I build it or debug it, the .esriAddIn file does not get copied to the AddIns folder in my user\documents\ArcGIS folder.

I have tried to add a Post-build event in Visual Studio to copy that file but it seems that the file is not immediately available after build and so the copy fails.

If I manually copy the .esriAddIn and manually start ArcCatalog, the add-in works fine but to debug it I have to manually attach Visual Studio to the ArcCatalog process everytime, which is very time consuming.

What am I doing wrong?