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Formatting a dateTime in Web Form similar to InputMask

Question asked by Chris.anderson on Sep 26, 2019
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I have a public-facing survey working well using the desktop/mobile app and am modifying it to work on the Web. During the testing phase, one of testers has noted that the manual input of a date into a dateTime question allows the user to input a dates that are physically impossible (e.g. 123/4567/8901); we know a hunter somehow would input a date like this. I have tried some methods for restricting the input to MM/DD/YYYY to match the desktop/mobile app with little success. I have seen where I can use a regular expression to do this. I think the syntax would be regex(.,'^\d{1,2}"/"\d{1,2}"/"\d{4}$'). I also am not sure which column this would be placed.


Any help with this is greatly appreciated.


Chris Anderson

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission