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SQL Query Layer View Records Display Different in Attribute Table than in Map View

Question asked by ARupe@dnr.IN.gov_indnr on Sep 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2019 by ARupe@dnr.IN.gov_indnr

Here's the issue:


We have database tables in Microsoft SQL that have spatial fields (northing/easting), and we have a query that pulls fields from multiple tables to create a view. The view can be pulled into ArcMap easily and x,y coordinates can be displayed. The view isn't static; it is constantly being updated.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the map view and the table view is displaying separately from each other. For example, if OID 1 is highlighted in the table, a point is highlighted in the map, but it is actually a different OID (when you use the Identify tool on the highlighted point). Plus, if you zoom around the map, different points will highlight, even though the record highlighted in the table stays the same. There are other issues, too: table sorting doesn't work; unique IDs appear in the table but disappear after sorting; definition queries don't apply in the table (but seem to in the map view). 

We have an idea of where this issue is occurring, but not sure--starting with SQL or with Arc. The views we are having issues with are of course complicated. There can be multiple records for one point; for example, point 1 can have multiple records of a, b, c, and d. Most of the data are the same across a-d, but with a couple fields' data different. Records a-d may be created at different times; for example: a can be created today, while b may be created several months from now, etc. What is needed is a unique ID, so our SQL guy created a new field that assigned a value sequentially.

It seems as though the problem can be seen on the SQL side, too, so we're thinking the issue might start there, but...

I'm a Microsoft SQL novice and know just enough to be dangerous. Was wondering if anyone had an idea of what might be happening/how to fix? I know that I haven't given enough information, so please let me know what more is needed to help you answer--please be specific so I can gather the correct info! Also...I wasn't really sure where to place this question, so if you have any suggestions on getting to the correct/better audience, I'm all ears!