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Bug in Modifying Feature?

Question asked by sfarley on Sep 23, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2019 by sfarley

I have two Node layers in my map with the second layer being a copy of the first. I am enabling users to merge similar nodes to help clean up data, but all alterations are done on the copy layer in case the user later decides those nodes shouldn't be merged. So in my code I have:


//MergeRow is the new row and SelectedNodes is the list of rows to be deleted

public async Task<bool> MergeNodes(DataRow MergedRow, List<DataRow> SelectedNodes) {

      var modifyFeature = new EditOperation();

      modifyFeature.Name = "Merged Nodes";

      //Other stuff

      modifyFeature.Delete(MergeNodeLayer, Int64.Parse(SelectedNodes[0][oidNum].ToString()));


     return true;



Even though I pass in the MergeNodeLayer, it deletes the node from both the control layer and the new layer. Is this a bug with delete or am I doing something wrong? The nodes on both layers have the same oids since it is a direct copy so it is deleting the correct one from each layer, but it should only be deleting the one for the layer I passed in.


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