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Field Collection - Same Points collected different location?

Question asked by adam_KYRCAP on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2019 by adam_KYRCAP

Hello everybody, I was collecting water meters and happened to collect a few of the same points that were collected months ago. All the points that I recollected are almost exactly a meter away from the original points collected. These points were collected with the same equipment (Trimble R2 unit). All data was post-processed (real-time not available due to lack on internet connection) 


1.) How can I verify which point has the better accuracy? - I plan to do another field visit in the near future, would using the same equipment to view the points be the best plan? I fear it will just align with my recent gathered point, and won't tell me the truth to the accuracy. I can put the map on my iPad with internet connection and check that way? 


2.) Is there an alternative to check the accuracy of the points without going out in the field? 



3.) How to ensure my unit is collecting accurate for the future? I have collected a point and compared to control point before, is this the best way to check accuracy? 



Thank you all