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Issue with Dates and URL Parameters

Question asked by horryadmin on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2019 by dougbrowning

I'm having an issue with passing dates into a Survey123 form via URL from a web map. My survey is based on a feature service that is hosted on our on-premises ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1 server. The form has 4 dates that are set by the user. When I pass the dates into the Survey123 native form (windows and iOS), they are a day behind what is passed in. IT doesn't appear we have the same issue with the web form. 


Here are the date fields from the XLS Form:


I also have a web map that takes the existing fields and passes them into the Survey123 native app via URL. I do this so the user can change one field but keep others, but we will have a way to know that the updates have taken place so it submits as a new Survey. This is the popup in the web app:


This is the URL in the Open in Survey123 link (redacted for privacy):



And this is what the form looks like when it opens in the windows or iOS app:


Any help would be greatly appreciated.