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Data Reviewer feature created without geometry

Question asked by jiels_sdfe on Sep 20, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2019 by KGaurav-esristaff

Our users have been having an issue using the Commit to Reviewer Table tool when using a fgdb data reviewer table. The record creates in the tablemain but no geometry is created in the corresponding geometry table. They switched to using personal geodatabases, because they noticed that they don't have this issue with personal gdbs, but these gdbs get corrupted easily. I am trying to get the fgdb to work so they don't have to use the personal geodatabases.


Has anyone had a similar issue with Data Reviewer not creating geometries when creating features in the Reviewer Table? The method is just select the feature -> Commit to Reviewer Table. They are using ArcMap 10.7.