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How do I bring an ArcGIS Online polygon layer into AutoCAD?

Question asked by Daniel_Duffee on Sep 18, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by shruthynair6


I am trying to export a polygon layer from ArcGIS Online into AutoCAD 2017, however all the guides I can find seem to be fixated on ArcGIS Desktop and do not seem to apply to the online version. I've tried downloading the shapefile and importing that into a CAD drawing using the IMPORT command and finding the downloaded shapefile (.shp) and I also tried the .shx file, both to no avail. Clearly I'm missing some vital step(s) and getting this wrong, but there don't seem to be any current/relevant video guides or written guides that seem to even start with a process that I can see in ArcGIS Online. Would somebody please show me how I can get this right?


Thank you in advance.