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iOS - How to add UI elements on top of AGSMapView

Question asked by on Sep 17, 2019
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I'm using iOS 100.6 and am trying to place a UIbutton on top of AGSMapView. In the View Controller MapView and the UIButton are under "View". The UIbutton is not a subview of MapView. How do I get other UI element in my view to be visible on top of the map. I have three other elements that I hide and unhide using "isHidden = true/false" and these cannot be displayed either. Code in Swift 4.2.

Here is the view:

View Controller "View"

Here is the code snippet:

let viewMap = AGSMapView(frame: .zero) = AGSMap(basemapType: .navigationVector,

                                         latitude: currentLocation.latitude, longitude: currentLocation.longitude,

                                         levelOfDetail: zoomLevel)


viewMap.touchDelegate = self

view = viewMap