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Question asked by hnavarro23 on Sep 16, 2019
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I am trying to set a condition using Attribute Assistant.  I have a feature layer (GPS_Meter) with a field called SYSTEM.  The SYSTEM field is populated with Potable, Non-Potable, and Sewer.  I am trying to auto populate another field (UID) with either DW, RW, or SS and the OBJECTID. I have the following populated in the DynamicValue table,


Table Name: GPS_Meter

Field Name: UID

Value Method: EXPRESSION

Value Info: IIF([SYSTEM]=Potable, "DW", IIF([SYSTEM]=Non-Potable, "RW", IIF([SYSTEM]=Sewer, "SS"))) & [OBJECTID]


I run AA for selected GPS_Meter points and the UID field does not get populated.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.