OLS Output is **empty** - variable names but nothing in the document

Discussion created by jtimleck on Mar 11, 2011
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Ugh, I'm running OLS before I run geographic weighted regression - but when I run it, and have selected and specified a path name (without spaces) for the coefficients and diagnostic output files, when I open the resultant dbfs they have the names of variables in them... and that IT. wtf? Any clues (this is one of those I'm doing my phd and having a meeting on Monday so any help would be appreciated). I tried just the path - can't do that, path + name, doesn't seem to matter (Oh, it does generate an XML file as well - with a dbf extension (!?) but I can't get that to do anything either). Oh, and the only way to capture the progress window output is to catch it right before it writes the values to the shapefile - otherwise it just CLOSES and you can't retrieve that (makes me nuts).