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Production Mapping size limits

Question asked by geoff.chapman on Sep 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2020 by dan_hopkins-esristaff

Hi there,

We have a series of maps within production mapping (10.5.1) consisting of 20 products, each product is a 400mm x 400mm area of Ireland at 1:250,000. We recently had the need to make a change to the visual specification of the mapping so having made the required changes to the first mxd a map view was created to allow the specification to be consistently applied to the remaining products in the series.

However, as I check out each of the products in turn to apply the map view I have encountered it appears that every third product encounters issues. When checking the file out it loses its layer structure, the data frame containing the AOI shrinks right down to the bottom left-hand corner and an empty 'Layer' data frame fills the rest of the document, in effect emulating a newly created product. If I then quit ArcMap, reopen, undo the check out of the product with issues and re-check out all is fine again. I can proceed to apply the view to this and one other product before the issue happens again.

Are there any known issues with ArcMap not clearing memory so that by the time I check out the third file it has maxed out, or is there likely to be some other cause?

Any assistance much appreciated.