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String or Binary data would be truncated Error!

Question asked by SummersE0488 on Sep 11, 2019
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Hi All,


I have created a survey for our forestry department and keep getting this error when I test the survey. The Calculation that is giving me trouble is: concat(substr(${LAT},0,2),substr(${LAT}, 3,5),substr(${LONG},1,4),substr(${LONG},5)).  PDD_ID is a unique identifier for the department and is how they identify the area or block they are surveying.

Typically the error arises when I added in the last Substr. In and of itself, the substring calculations work as do the concatenations. It seems as though the error is happening when they are combined. 

What I have done:
I have lengthened all fields to an appropriate size in both Survey123 and ArcGIS Pro.
I have created fake fields and tried the same calculation, while also breaking down the calculation. 

I have attached a copy of my XLSX. Is there a work around for this? It feel as though I have tried everything. 


Thank You in Advance