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Removing only those duplicate attributes that have a duplicate subset of attributes (Address files)

Question asked by arthurpete on Sep 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2019 by arthurpete

I am merging two address features together and associating them with a parcel number. These address layers overlap geographically in some areas and i only need one record per unique address. I need to remove the duplicates, however there are valid duplicate parcel numbers with multiple addresses (ex apartments or condominiums). So i need to retain duplicate parcel records only if they contain unique address fields. In the picture ive provided an example of having 3 parcel records (KeyNum) but only 2 unique street numbers (StreetNum).


Ive tried using a select by attributes to isolate the duplicate KeyNum and then creating a selection from that selection of duplicate StreetNum but as you can expect, any duplicate StreetNum is selected regardless if they have an associated duplicate KeyNum. I need to add a qualifier in the SQL code. Here is what i have so far...


[KeyNum] In (SELECT [KeyNum] FROM [Export_Output] GROUP BY [KeyNum] HAVING Count(*)>1 )

[StreetNum] In (SELECT [StreetNum] FROM [Export_Output] GROUP BY [StreetNum] HAVING Count(*)>1 )