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Creating multiple Utility Networks within one Enterprise Geodatabase

Question asked by AlexJ_AU on Sep 10, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by anthony.ryan_ergon

Hi all,


We are a multi-utility organization that is beginning our process of implementing the new utility network. I have loaded our electric asset package into our enterprise geodatabase and that went in fine. I am now trying to do the same with our gas asset package. I staged the utility network, ran the apply asset package tool, and it keeps hanging up when applying the service territory. I first used the service territory feature class from within the gas asset package and that failed, then I used the service territory feature class that is within the enterprise geodatabase that was used for the electric network and that failed. 


My question is, has anyone had success creating multiple utility networks within one enterprise geodatabase? This certainly could be an issue with the data itself but being that the service territory feature class seems like an integral part of the creating the utility network I am wondering if that is where the issue is coming from.


ArcGIS Pro - 2.4.1

Gas Asset Package - 2.4

UNTools - 2.4.0

Enterprise Geodatabase - 10.7.1