Empty TileCache source doesn't throw any exception

Discussion created by Prashant.Kirpan on Sep 5, 2019

Hi All,


I am using compact cache "bundle" files to build basemap layer. If i pass empty folder path to TileCache constructor, SDK doesn't throw any exception and executes code successfully.


Before constructing basemap i want to check valid cache and throw exception in app. I observed that there is no change in LoadStatus,LoadError properties regardless of data.


Sample code:

ArcGISTiledLayer imageLayer = new ArcGISTiledLayer(new TileCache("PATH"));

ArcGISTiledLayer topolayer = new ArcGISTiledLayer(new TileCache("PATH"));


List<Layer> basemapLayers = new List<Layer>();



Map = new Map(new Basemap(basemapLayers));

Yes I can check if files are present in folder or not but i am looking for valid exception from SDK.


SDK Version : WPF 100.5


Any help would be appreciated.