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Linked CSV file in Map/Dashboard

Question asked by cypherja on Sep 2, 2019

I have a web based application that captures inspection information, and provides a link to a CSV file that is automatically updated when new inspections are performed.


I've added this CSV file to a map via Add > Add Layer from Web, and pasting the link of the CSV file there.


The data was added, but it seems to be a one time snapshot of the data.  When I add a new inspection and come back to the map, even after refreshing, the new inspection record is not there.


As a second attempt, I added the CSV as a document link through my contents page (add item > from the web > document).  When I click open, it saves the CSV file locally and when I open it, the updated record is there.


How can I get either the document link added to the map, or the table I added to the map to automatically update (there is no refresh interval option on the one I added in the map).


Second problem I'm having is that, through the dashboard, I cannot access the table in the map to report on.  It says the layer is not available, so I can't report any data in the dashboard.  The document link doesn't show up as an option for me to add to the dashboard either.