Custom LocationDataSource map refresh

Discussion created by minerjoe on Aug 30, 2019
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I have a Xamarin Forms app with using a custom LocationDataSource receiving data from an external gps unit.  Things seem to work in terms of getting data and updates being seen in the appropriate event handlers.  However, the display symbol location does not update as I walk around.  Occasionally, it will jump back over to my location but in general it just stays at the location when I opened the map.  When I go out and come back into to a view (which means a new MapView would be created, I will be at the correct location which is further evidence that I am receiving the correct location data.


I setup something to flip back to using the SystemLocationDataSource and when this is done the indicator follows as expected.


Is there something I am missing that would need to be triggered in a custom LocationDataSource  so that the MapView is refreshed?


[I did have an application running in WPF which used basically the identical LocationDataSource - although the source of the stream was different - and in this case had the correct behavior)