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Custom map extent problems

Question asked by UCPWGIS on Aug 29, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by OEvans-esristaff

I'm just starting to test out the "next gen" Story Maps. I created two story maps, each with a map or two in the main frame, and a few more maps in sidecars. Every map has a custom extent to showcase/zoom in on the particular layer or feature. However, the custom map extent doesn't always persist. It's inconsistent - sometimes it stays at the custom extent with no problem, other times I'll set the extent multiple times in edit mode, finally get it to persist in edit mode, and then the custom extent disappears when in view mode (reverts back to showing the full extent of the map).


This problem has affected the maps in both the main frame and the sidecars. There is not one specific map that is affected - it's just about every map I've tried.


When I have several slides in the sidecar, each with a map, the last slide seems to generally stay at its custom extent. In addition, the previous slides with maps, while initially at the default extent, will revert back to the custom extent if I scroll down past them and then back up. (Default extent while scrolling down, custom extent when I scroll back up). When there's only 1 slide in the sidecar, the map tends to be stuck in the default extent, rather than the custom extent.


Anyone else running into this issue?