One data source - two rest services with diff projections

Discussion created by syvertson on Aug 28, 2019
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As the GIS Coordinator for a small county in North Dakota, I pretty much use one coordinate system (North Dakota State Plane South) for everything.  It makes things simpler.   Now our 911 director has a new notification system that requires we use Web Mercator.  I attempted to use the state plane data in a Web Mercator service, but that did not work, so I ended up creating a whole new replica dataset with that projection and and new service and that worked, but maintaining it and keeping it current is driving me crazy.


I would like to be able to have one data source in my one projection, and maintain one rest service from it and somehow have it serve up with either Web Mercator or State Plane.


Is there any solution out there that will make this possible for me?  Or am I stuck with this?  I see other organizations with data shares where you can pick your projection.  Are they doing something like this?