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Export to CAD doesn't seem to catch all features

Question asked by mbarron on Aug 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by MollyJackson

Hey all, we occasionally have an issue with exporting to CAD from ArcMap. 


I Add Data of parcels from a local entity, and clip it to my Area of Interest. All goes fine for this, but when I then take that resulting shp and use the tool Export to CAD (whether through the Toolbox or from the layer itself in the table of contents), it isn't picking up all of the parcels somehow. 


Most of the time this process goes without any issues, and I am stumped as to why some of the parcels get dropped during the conversion, or where to look. I have not found any threads, tutorials, etc with this particular issue so far.


Included are two screenshots - the pink shows the parcels in their entirety for the area of interest. The green shows what I end up with in AutoCAD.