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FieldMap Error: Adding Input Field to Field Map

Question asked by jmullins_ss on Aug 23, 2019

We are having a runtime error return when attempting to append multiple shapefiles to a file geodatabase. There are generally 14 shapefiles produced for our analysis; the file geodatabase schema is dictated by the customer. Using FieldMap, FieldMappings, and Append, we have been able to complete this step in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.x. However, we have recently started to automate more processes and move these into ArcGIS Pro as a script tool into the workflow, include this part of the process. The screenshot below should show our methods:

When attempting this portion of the script, the following error occurs:

If you look at the list of shapefiles, the error only happens when attempting to map the following:









We've found no geometry issues or missing data files that could be causing this.


Through our research, we also found these other GeoNet articles:


We attempted their structure/solutions and were met with the same results.


Any ideas?