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autopopulating date in Survey123 subtracts 1 day

Question asked by james.kelly on Aug 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2019 by james.kelly

I am using the pulldata() function in the calculation field to autopopulate several survey questions based on the answer to a question regarding a confirmation number. It works great except for the date field I need populated. It will populate a date, but it is a day earlier than the value provided in the .csv file (confrimations.csv).


Here is the formula I used in the calculation field:

pulldata('confirmations','harv_date','conf', ${conf_no})

Here is an example of the confirmations.csv with only 1 row of data.


When I enter the above confirmation number, this is how it populates the date.

Any ideas? Survey123 for ArcGIS James Tedrick Ismael Chivite pulldata()