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Web App builder Info Summary widget problem

Question asked by scurran_CityofLubbock on Aug 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2020 by elliott.plack2

I have created a web app within ArcGIS portal and have a feature class as shown below. The feature class has two fields, City Council Action and PZC Action, which have a coded value domain (0= null, 1=Approved, 2=Denied, etc). When I click the feature class the popup displays the domain properly and everything is working as it should.



However, I am trying to use the Info Summary widget and have the features grouped by PZC Action Date. I have two issues with the widget which seem to be related. First within the Info Summary widget it does not show the City Council Action at all but instead shows "undefined". When you click the exact same feature from within the Info Summary widget it shows the popup for that feature, but seems to change the attribute from Approved (code of 1) to 0.