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"ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context":when calling createDefaultParametersAsync() for online RouteTask

Question asked by rameshbachiraju on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by appdev_fdsu

We are using ARCGIS Android SDK 100.5

We try to fetch the token using rest api 


and create UserCredentials object using token and referrer (unfortunately referrer cannot be nil in Android unlike IOS). 


We are assigning the credentials to an online RouteTask 


val routeTask = RouteTask(appContext, "")
val credential = UserCredential.createFromToken(accessToken, "")
routeTask.credential = credential



We are getting exception :


"ArcGISRuntimeException: Cannot call this method in this context" whenever we try to get route parameters from routeTask.


for this method


val routeParameters = routeTask?.createDefaultParametersAsync()?.get()


Please note that we are following similar approach in IOS and it is working fine.


Any hints or suggestion on why this exception is coming?