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First impressions

Question asked by daniel.stoelb on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2019 by LeonAus

I've tested out the builder thus far using the online template of map viewer. Here's some of the issues and comments that I have thus far from my experience using the experience builder (pun intended):

  • What didn't work:
    • I updated the logo, but yet it does not fully display and at times does not display at all
    • Colors modified using the interface do not display appropriately when the user adjusts the browser window - shows default colors when that is done (and same case for any images that are updated)
    • There is not a way to see all the widgets to include without adjusting the view scale of the browser window - ie I don't see a scroll bar to see the rest of the widgets that are available
    • Adjusting the selection trigger for the list does not update - ie I updated it to zoom to the location, but it still only highlights it
  • Opportunities for enhancement:
    • There should be the ability for a list to automatically filter similar to the operations dashboard
    • It is not clear how to update an image on a list or a subordinate window - possibly allow the user to double-click that to figure out the elements on that page? Maybe I'm missing an input or user guide on this?
    • Clicking on an item in the outline section should highlight that in the main view
    • Can the icon for the list use the layer icon from the service?


I will say so far that it is nice to be able to switch between 2d and 3d and I'm curious to see how this is implemented to match the other tools available with web appbuilder. The concern I have there is that this might clog up the options a bit when trying to select the appropriate action or widget you want.


Also, is this going to usurp the operations dashboard solution?