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Is there a Pattern for migrating from ITool to WPF MVVM?

Question asked by kirkKuykendall on Aug 14, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by minerjoe

Hi -


I am trying to port an app developed with ArcGIS Engine (.NET) to .NET Runtime SDK.


Is there a document somewhere to help guide migration from ArcObjects to .NET runtime SDK?


The ArcEngine app heavily leverages the ITool interface along with IToolbarBuddy.CurrentTool, and IMapControl.CurrentTool.  We would like to continue using this pattern, or something close to it.  However, I haven't found a sample showing how to implement this pattern with WPF MVVM.


I've looked at the MeasureToolbar in the toolkit, but it doesn't seem very extensible.

Here are just a few questions:

Could an Attached Behavior on the MapView be used for CurrentTool?


Should each ITool class contain it's own SketchEditor?


Is there some way to suppress the TaskCanceledException thrown when SketchEditor.CancelCommand is executed?


Is there a way to implement rubber-banding similar to the way to all the classes that implement IDisplayFeedback?



Thanks, Kirk