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How to write multi-value metadata properties using arcobjects?

Question asked by FugroGermany on Aug 14, 2019
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Hi all,


I try to update metadata using ArcObjects. This is easy for simple properties such as "dataIdInfo/idCitation/resTitle" using IPropertySet.SetProperty(Name, Value). But I can't find any information or example, how to add values for multivalue-properties such as "dataIdInfo/themeKeys/keyword".


This works (code snippet):


pMetaData = pDatasetName

Dim pPropSet As IPropertySet

pPropSet = pMetaData.Metadata

pPropSet.SetProperty("dataIdInfo/idCitation/resTitle", "Test1")

pMetaData.Metadata = pPropSet


But I want to write a few tags:

dataIdInfo/themeKeys/keyword:  AAA
dataIdInfo/themeKeys/keyword:  BBB


The result of:

pPropSet.SetProperty("dataIdInfo/themeKeys/keyword", "AAA")

pPropSet.SetProperty("dataIdInfo/themeKeys/keyword", "BBB")


is this:



All tags contained so far have been replaced with the last keyword (there were 7 tags before).


Also this don't work (ArgumentException):

Dim pNames(1), pValues(1) As String

pNames(0) = "dataIdInfo/searchKeys/keyword"

pNames(1) = "dataIdInfo/searchKeys/keyword"

pValues(0) = "AAA"

pValues(1) = "BBB"

pPropSet.SetProperty("dataIdInfo/searchKeys/keyword", pValues)


Or this (ArgumentException):

pPropSet.SetProperties(pNames, pValues)


How to deal with it?