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Spatial query in Survey123?

Question asked by adailey_slo on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by adailey_slo

Hi there,

My organization is creating a survey with Survey123 to allow staff to map and enter data about homeless encampments.  Users create a geopoint for each new homeless camp they find.  We would like to pull parcel owner data into the survey based on the geopoint location; parcel owner data is in an existing feature service we have.  Is there some way to do a spatial query (?) between the survey and the existing feature service?  By the way, we are using Excel and Survey123 Connect to create the survey.

I've read about how it's possible to pull data from a CSV file into Survey123, for example on this webpage: Formulas—Survey123 for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 


If we made the parcel owner feature service into a CSV, with polygons as a list of vertex coordinates (I saw an example of this online), is there some way to do the following (or something else that would achieve a similar result):


1) user enters geopoint in Survey123

2) a survey question after the geopoint question, which would be read-only and would get and display the parcel owner, by looking up which polygon in the CSV the geopoint would be inside.


By the way, I also read a little about Survey123's Custom JS Functions, which is supposedly available in the Early Adopter community.  I don't have JS experience and don't know what Custom JS Functions involve, so it would be nice to avoid this, but if Custom JS Functions is the only way to achieve my goal, then I am open to hearing more about how it works.


Thank you!!