ArcMap Performance. Round2

Discussion created by joincto on Aug 9, 2019
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I have been a strident critic of ESRI's software for some time, as examination of my posts will show. 


In the past, I have used a MacBook Pro, running Windows10 under Parallels, and assigned 8G amd two cores to the VM. The performance was just awful, and the response of many was: "..need more resources...32G RAM minimum, prefer 64G:, "Parallels not supported"... etc.


Ok. So our company has bought a dedicated PC. Graphics card is some high end NVIDIA jobbie as used by gamers; 64G RAM. 1T solid state drive; multicore AMD processor; $3000 later and .... fanfare....(no)


Is performance better? Yes, it is better. But it is still slow enough to be irritating to the user. It is plain not good enough


Could ESRI please explain this: I run a tool out of the standard toolbox. The same comment applies to many tools, but let's take Analysis Tools=> Overlay=>Spatial Join. There is a checkbox "Keep All Target Features (optional)". The default is on. I click it to turn if off. It takes 9+-1 seconds for the tick mark to disappear. So long, in fact, that one's first reaction is to click it again, whereupon it will be turned back on after another interminable wait. I am sorry. That is just pathetic. What can this behemoth of a software be doing that a simple graphical operation takes that long to echo???

And other fields are the same. There is always a pregnant pause after each field is entered or modified. The spinning blue circle and the "... is not responding from the OS" are my constant companions.


So now, now that the stock response of "wrong computer, wrong this, wrong that.." are not applicable, tell me:

Should i expect better?. That is a rhetorical question. This product reminds me of using computers in the seventies and eighties.


I have not yet tried to use ArcPro on this revved up hardware. I am not optimistic.