Data driven pages with multiple layers

Discussion created by alexguyot on Mar 9, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2011 by jessemaps

I'm using Data Driven Pages with a polygon layer (let's name it "polyA.shp") to generate a catalog (a PDF file) presenting on each page, the geometry and attributes (name, area, year) of each record of the "PolyA" table.

Everything goes well so far !

Now I'd like to add to all my pages some additionnal information regarding a second polygon feature layer (PolyB.shp) having objects within the same extent as objects from PolyA.

Basically, I'd like to add to my pages some dynamic text coming from the attribute table of a second layer.

Is there a way of doing this since Data Driven Pages can only be configured based on one unique layer ?

Hope, I made it clear enough !