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Related table creating blank rows despite minimal appearance.

Question asked by connollyn_cityofreno on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by connollyn_cityofreno

I have created a Survey in Survey123 for Street Sign Inventory and Inspections. The survey and features are hosted. There are three tables, a feature layer (Poles), a related table (Signs), and a related table (Inspections). Signs table is related to Poles features and Inspections table is related to Signs.

Hosted feature and tables.


When I use a minimal appearance for the Poles – Signs relationship a row is created when + button is pressed.

Sign Appearance Minimal

However, when I use a minimal appearance for the Signs – Inspections relationship the + button is not present and a blank row is created. This is not ideal as there will be a blank inspection for every Sign.

Inspections Appearance Minimal.

Using an appearance of minimal compact doesn't seem to work either.

Inspections Appearance Minimal Compact.


How do I configure the Inspections so that they are only created when necessary? Something like the + button described above?