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How to update a hosted table in AGOL using Python

Question asked by FranklinCountyPaGIS on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by FranklinCountyPaGIS

I have been attempting to automate a process where I normally download CSVs from several different places, & manually overwrite the hosted tables in AGOL.  I'd like to automate this all in a script that I can schedule to run on a nightly basis.  (As background, the data feeds several metrics dashboards viewed by Admin.)


I have yet to get the hosted table to update in AGOL.  


1. Download updated CSV & Upload to Pandas dataframe

2. remove null rows & format date columns.

3. Export dataframe to new CSV.

4. Update hosted table in AGOL with new CSV.


When I view the hosted table, there are two different updated dates showing.  Picture attached.


The first shows the date I ran the script (today), but the second shows the date I manually overwrote / updated the table (yesterday).  


I had been following


below is what I have been using to update.


palTable = gis.content.get('28b7f819dce24647aebad88d04ff3815')  #This ets the hosted table in AGOL
palCSV = gis.content.get('65f1e32cda224199b6ec10c4139c2f1a')    #This gets the CSV in AGOL

palCSV.update({}, data=newCSV)  #This updates the CSV on AGOL
palTable.update({}, data=newCSV)  #This updates the hosted table on AGOL


Update the CSV & re downloading the file shows that it correctly updated itself.


Viewing the data on the hosted table shows that it has not updated itself.


Is there a way to "refresh" the table or a better syntax?